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CANVAS is a collaboration between Judson Vereen, Yasmin Vereen, and YOU. If you have a concept you like, share it with us. If not, we can help you start from scratch. We typically specialize in print design, album artwork, and book cover design. If your project has special requirements, let us know. We will be happy to help you.


While all projects have their own specific needs and requirements, our services will always include:

  • Upfront, affordable pricing decided before the project begins (no surprises);

  • Timely delivery of completed projects with updates if necessary;

  • Honest work, genuine investment of time and effort;

  • Respectful treatment of materials, information, and you.

Design team

Judson Vereen Canvas Yasmin Vereen

As an artist myself, I know how important great design can be to the success of a project. Whether you need to create invitations to an event, an album cover for your latest music project, a book cover for your latest novel, or a poster for your latest endeavor into film, I got your back.

Judson Vereen

Yasmin Vereen Judson Vereen Canvasgd.jpg

My experience in Psychology and years studying various forms of arts allows me to analyze a project from multiple perspectives. I also work with literary translations and I can help you in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Yasmin Vereen


"Canvas' cover designs immediately caught my eye; they are very unique and tasteful. I messaged Canvas with a basic idea for a collage, and they turned my idea into something that brilliantly complements my book. Their final product was clearly very well thought-out, and it was attentive to the content and tone of the book which it will accompany. Canvas was always prompt, courteous, and helpful in their communication, and I will certainly consider working with them again in the future."

Jeffrey D.


"Yasmin and Judson are very sweet and competent. They have good taste in art and music and this reflects quite well in the way they work. They took my original idea, which I really liked, and improved it. I found them to be very cool and down to earth. Also, they aren’t the type to overcharge. I felt in them a genuine love for what they do."

Marlon S.



"I was directed to Canvas by a friend of mine. I worked well with the team and my project was not an easy one for me because I was so close to it. They simplified things and helped me, and for that, I am incredibly thankful! I would encourage anyone to give them a try."


Elizabeth R.

Author and Poet